We are excited to present to you our free Follow the Blueprint Series. It is a ongoing series of interactive presentations and classes centered around various topics related to entrepreneurial development. This will be our first topic in the Follow the Blueprint series: (Click here for event details)

How to Successfully Navigate Government Contracting

The mission of this class is to assist you with a plan to overcome these most frequently cited issues:

Timely Bid Notifications
Access to Capital
Acquiring Bonding and Insurance
Networking with Prime Contractors
Developing Relationships with HUB/SBE Contractors
Marketing to Local, State and Federal Agencies
Building Capacity for Larger Jobs
Attending Pre-bids
Proposal and/or Presentation Assistance
Requesting Bid-debriefings
Identifying Contracting Opportunities
Developing Value Added Services

Hope to see you there.

Stay tuned for the following topics:

Follow the Blueprint:

“Keys to Accessing and Managing Working Capital”

“How to Dispel the Myth of Being a Small Business”

“Gaining Access to Decision Makers”

“How to be a Primary Source for Solutions”

“Keys to Building Capacity and Expansion”

“Keys to Successfully Re-branding Your Business”