FTBS: How to Successfully Navigate Government Contracting


Allied-SCSS would like to invite you, or a representative from your company, to attend one of our Follow the Blueprint Series. The Follow the Blueprint Series provides interactive presentations and classes centered around various topics related to entrepreneurial and business development. Here are some details about our current topic: How to Successfully Navigate Government Contracting

Government Contracting:

Looking for an attractive new market for your  businesses? Looking for answers regarding Government Contracting? Never knew you were eligible to sale to the Government?
Well Government Contracting represents a TRILLION dollar marketplace that provides opportunities for small, medium and large businesses in nearly any industry.

However, in order to succeed in Government Contracting you have to have a plan to overcome these most frequently cited issues:

  • Lack of Access to Working Capital
  • Issues Managing Contract Funds on Net 30s or Net 60s
  • Unsuccessful Networking with Prime Contractors & Other Small Business
  • Poor Marketing to Local, State and Federal Agencies
  • Unable to Build Capacity for Larger Jobs
  • Ineffective Proposals & Presentations
  • Misunderstanding Federal and State Certifications
  • Trouble Identifying Contracting Opportunities
  • Lack of Feedback on Losing Proposals
  • Insufficient Staffing to Pursue Opportunities
  • Trouble Acquiring Bonding and Insurance

Allied’s interactive Follow the Blueprint: How to Successfully Navigate Government Contracting class can provide you with the plan you need to tackle these issues. Remember, its rarely a question of IF the Government buys your product or service, but of HOW MUCH of your product or service the Government buys!

Agenda: (Class will be approximately 2 hours)

  • Check in will be 30 minutes prior to class start time
  • Introductions and Networking (Opening)
  • Interactive Presentation
  • Intelligence (Closing)

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