Attention Business Owners:

We have several ways in which to be “Your Partner in Success”,  however it all starts with you!.

Accessing Capital: We’ve got a solution for your working capital needs!

Playbook Investors Network (PIN) is a web-based business capital and education platform created to foster the engagement of minority-, women- and veteran-owned enterprises, government businesses and the LGBTQ community with institutional and private investors. Among those investors are sports figures and entertainers who are doing well by getting educated on how to invest in business as well as own and operate them.

Credit Suppliers: Finally, a solution to get you access to funds for supplies and materials

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When you apply for a trade credit line with CreditSuppliers, you begin an exciting journey to new opportunities and, ultimately, business growth. You open the door to the type of materials funding that you’ve never had access to before. Finally, a solution to the construction conundrum; you know the drill, you front supplies and labor long before you ever see your first draw…but never fear, CreditSuppliers is here and your financing headaches are gone for good!


CreditSuppliers saves you time AND gives you time. Save time by automating cashflow management and having online access to invoices, preliminary notice information, and more. Take more time on the payback process. The pressure of a 30-day due date is taken off with generous payback terms giving you up to 150 days to pay down your invoices.


The most obvious benefit of using CreditSuppliers is access to materials funding! In addition to capital for your materials purchases, you have the negotiating power to leverage net-10 discounts of 2-5% with your suppliers. Also, you open the door to taking on more projects: more work=more profits.


CreditSuppliers is in the business of helping construction companies propel exponential growth. There is no telling what you could do by using resources from CreditSuppliers to strategically grow your business. Take on more jobs, invest in new equipment, hire more workers, the sky is the limit! One of our clients increased their annual revenues by 50% in just 9 months of using CreditSuppliers.

Establishing and Building Business Credit: Coming Soon!