Economic & Feasibility Study

At Allied we believe time is the most valuable resource. Next to time is your financial capital. Why wouldn’t you want to protect these two assets? An Economic & Feasibility study is a vital initial step to protect your business, your money, and most importantly your TIME. Before you move forward with your business you must determine whether your business can be successful and what are the criterion necessary to thrive in the market.


A feasibility study, plain and simple, investigates the practicality of a business venture. It is a critical initial step a business must take to address if their solution or service is, well, feasible. The results of the study will not only determine the practicality of an idea or service but will also deliver critical information such as barriers to entry, success factors in the market, pricing, profitability, and how competitive the field is. Elements which are necessary to build a solid business plan. As your partner in success Allied will help determine the amount of monetary and labor capital it will take to achieve profitability for your venture and help you determine if your business has the capabilities to meet these constraints.

Economic & Feasibility Study

At Allied we take a strategic approach with everything we do. It is all about asking the right questions and delivering the correct answers. With that being said, every part of our study will be based upon hard facts and as such will deliver the full reality of the feasibility of the business, the state of the market, and what it takes to be successful before any further dollars are spent. With this report, your organization can move forward with reduced uncertainty and have a solid foundation for a business with a firm understanding of the risks associated with your venture.

Allied will help you determine:

  • Monetary Requirements and Profitability – a critical report detailing the current state of the market and the financials of this project. Important factors will be gained such as the cost of entry, cost of operation, and most importantly the profitability of the project.
  • Technical challenges – uncovers the resource requirements for this particular project. Ensures that the company has the expertise, labor, and raw resources to achieve the projects demands while remaining sustainable.
  • Legality – determines if there are any legal conflicts and what are if any, requirements that the law dictates the project must follow. Does the business have the resources to operate within the legal parameters mandated?
  • Operations Feasibility – details the organizational demands this project will require and compares them to the current structure your business is operating. What is the amount of human capital needed? What are the optimum structures to carry this project out?
  • Scheduling – a realistic look at the timeframe it will take to execute this project and to become profitable. Does the business have the capital and infrastructure to hit critical deadlines and make it to profitability?

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