Company Overview
Allied Supply Chain Support & Services is an accomplished Business Consulting Firm in Dallas, Texas, established in 2013.
Our niche, is Government Contracting and Strategic Supplier Relationship Management. Our approach entails a deeper and longer relationship with a goal of finding and securing work in both the public and private sectors. We focus the majority of our efforts on improving productivity and subsequently income and growth. The role we take as a dedicated Contracting Liaison enables our clients to optimize their time and financial investments.
Our Mission

Allied Supply Chain Support and Services is committed to facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships in offering growth opportunities for diverse small to medium businesses.

Our Vision

Allied’s vision is to be the premier company in securing procurement opportunities that empower businesses while fostering economic development and diversity.

 Our Corporate Culture

Allied has a value performance-based culture, complemented by the company’s vision to adapt to the market’s changing trends. We strive to deliver operational excellence in everything we do to meet or exceed our commitments.  Our goal is to help bring small businesses from surviving, to success, to significance!

 Our Core Tenets

Allied Supply Chain Support and Services’ seven core tenets define and drive everything we do.  Consistently implementing these core tenets and encouraging those within our organization and those who work with us to do the same will guarantee our mission will be realized!

  • Integrity Establish commitment by operating in a trustworthy, reliable and accountable manner for what we promised to perform and deliver.
  • Diversity and Inclusion The ability to achieve better business results by engaging people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives by creating an environment of involvement, respect, and connection—where the richness of ideas, backgrounds, and these perspectives are harnessed to create business value.
  • Servant Leadership Serve others to form exceptional, sustainable relationships with clients, vendors and our communities.
  • Financial Stability Establish financial stability with integrity in a discipline that will serve the company, our clients, vendors and our employees.
  • Client Focus Develop excellent performance and interpersonal relationships with internal and external clientele that ultimately fulfills our mission.
  • Being the Best Preserve best business practices, systems and processes that transform and align our business of building value-driven work methods and consistent delivery of services to our clients and vendors.
  • Making a Difference Aim to positively impact the communities we serve.