Our multidisciplinary team’s extensive scope of experience encompasses community and economic development, business process improvement, government contracting, financial services, procurement, quality assurance, vendor sourcing, marketing, real estate, and beyond. While the diversity of our professional skills and talents is one of Allied’s biggest strengths, we all share a unique ability to recognize flourishing opportunities and have a passion for helping small businesses and ambitious individuals seize such opportunities.



Vickie sets Allied’s direction. A real estate expert with more than 25 years of executive experience, Vickie has a track record of building and maintaining productive relationships and maximizing performance in all aspects of business. Prior to founding Allied, she served as client services director at Asset Management Specialists, Inc., where she managed relationships for key accounts and worked with clients to identify and develop cost-saving strategies. Her past experience also includes management roles at Wachovia and Wells Fargo. Throughout her career, Vickie’s primary focus has always been to improve the marketability and profitability of small businesses.



David is one of the key reasons why we are so immensely excited about the possibilities of Allied. He has an occupational background of over eight years in business development, government procurement, management, quality control, vendor management/sourcing and sales. David has achieved the majority of his professional goals due to his ambition and ability to exceed all expectations set before him. David has also built quite a reputation for him self based on integrity and his ability to cultivate and maintain long lasting client relationships. This ability has been used to liaison with diverse socioeconomic small businesses and the local and state agencies here in the state of Texas and now expanding nationally. Over the years he has also been very active in regards to fostering economic development, designing and implementing diversity and inclusion policies and strategies, as well as aiding small businesses with business process improvement initiatives directed at revenue generation, sustainability as well as the government procurement process. David has a contagious work ethic, passion, and “lead by example” attitude which has earned him the respect of his peers, some many years his senior, and his community.



As Chief Marketing Officer at Allied, Althea brings over 20+ years of strategic marketing expertise helping companies make smart decisions that drive innovation and create business value. She is a thought-leader skilled in communications, integrated marketing, public, community and multi-cultural relations, event management, strategic business & financial planning, and economic development in the private, government, military, nonprofit and public sectors.  She has worked for major organizations such as IBM, Freddie Mac, Vendor Resource Management, First Preston Management, and Habitat for Humanity. Performance results-driven, Ms. Satterfield White focuses on shaping B2B products and services that positions companies to increase brand awareness and drive revenue growth and profitability.